Conference Room Policy


1. Permissible Meetings 

The use of the Conference and Board Rooms will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis to groups primarily serving the needs of the community. Library-sponsored events shall have priority. It may be used for:

a. Library meetings and programs; b. Civic betterment organizations; c. Governmental meetings; d. Cultural and artistic groups; e. School, service and social welfare groups; f. Local business and industry for organizational and training purposes; g. Other meetings not covered by exclusions.

2. Exclusions 

The Conference and Board Rooms may not be used for:

a. Fund-raising purposes; however, planning and training for fund raising by recognized local community service agencies is permitted. Exceptions may be made for library-sponsored events and programs presented by groups affiliated with the library;

b. Programs involving the sale, advertising, or promotion of products or services;

c. Programs intended to recruit persons for later fee-based programs;

d. Programs intended to promote or create business opportunities;

e. Groups conducting profit-making activities;

f. Groups charging admission for attendance. The only exception to this rule will be when paid registration fees are necessary to cover expenses for one or two day institutes, held in cooperation with the library, or payment of fees for noncredit education courses conducted by established educational institutions or organizations. In either case, special permission must be obtained from the library director;

g. Personal or family purposes;

h. A return use by a group that has abused the facilities or regulations in its earlier use of the library’s Conference and Board Rooms. Any individual or group denied use of the rooms by the library director may appeal to the Library Board.


1. Children’s groups may use the Conference and Board Rooms provided that an adult sponsor makes application and provided that the meeting is supervised by adult sponsors, at least one (1) adult for every ten (10) children, unless special permission is obtained from the library director.

2. Programs may not disrupt the use of the library by others. Any group that is disruptive or disorderly will be asked to leave.

3. Children are expected to be the responsibility of the adult sponsor(s).


1. Application for the use of the Conference and Board Rooms by non-library groups must be made on the appropriate form at least 24 hours in advance by an authorized representative of the group.

2. Upon receipt of a properly completed application form, a library staff member may approve the application and confirm the booking, if the meeting purpose falls clearly within the approved meeting room policies.

3. If there is an application which policy does not clearly cover, the staff member will refer the application to the library director.


1. Groups desiring to use the Conference or Board Rooms for regular monthly meetings must make application to the library director. It should be noted that library programs take precedence over any other group’s regularly scheduled meeting.

2. Meetings may not be scheduled more frequently than once a month by any single non-library organization. Exceptions may be granted by the library director.

3. Recurrent reservations for the Conference and Board Rooms will be accepted, but for no more than one calendar year at a time. At the end of the year, such reservations must be reviewed.


1. The Library has the following equipment available for use when requested on the application form:

a. large screen T.V.; b. VCR; c. overhead projector; d. slide projector; e. opaque projector; f. lectern; g. portable screen; h. built-in screen (Conference Room); i. dry marker board (Conference Room, markers not included); j. tables and chairs; k. chalkboard

2. The group shall be responsible for any advance preparations, for setting up and putting away meeting room furnishings used for its meeting, as well as clearing away their own equipment.  Given 72 hour notice, the library will contact the Department of Public Works for possible labor in setting up the room if desired.  Since employees of the Department of Public Works are not always available, we cannot guarantee their assistance.  Therefore, the group using the room may have to set it up themselves.

3. Storage facilities will not be provided any non-library organization.


1. Kitchen facilities are available in the Conference Room, but kitchen must be left in clean and orderly condition.

2. Large coffee makers (2) are available but must be cleaned after use.

3. Utensils, plates, cups, etc., must be brought in by the group. No library supplies may be used.

4. Trash must be disposed of by the group.


1. Due to staffing limitations, messages will not be carried to persons/groups using the Conference and Board Rooms.

2. Staff will note messages as they are received.

3. A representative of the group will need to check at the circulation desk. Then relay the message(s) to the appropriate party.

4. In the event of emergencies, staff will attempt to place the caller in touch with person being called.

5. A public pay phone is available in the library entryway.


1. Rotating displays and exhibits are subject to the same exclusions as the Conference and Board Rooms and must have the approval of the library director at least one week in advance.

2. The group involved must agree to set up and take down such exhibits and displays.

3. The library takes no responsibility for the supervision and security of the exhibits and displays.


1. Meals, light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages may be served.

2. Smoking is not permitted in the library building.

3. Programs may not disrupt the use of the library by others. Any group that is disruptive or disorderly will be asked to leave.

4. The group is responsible for clean up of areas of the building used.

a. Folding chairs and stacking chairs must be returned to the storage area.

b. All remaining chairs are to be properly straightened.

5. The group must be sure all lights and kitchen facilities are off.

6. If the meeting runs beyond regular service hours, user must report to staff so that staff may close library according to procedure in order for meeting to continue.

7. In a case where the meeting runs beyond regular service hours, the group must be sure all Conference and Board Rooms doors are shut and front door catches and locks when leaving the building.

8. The conference room, board room and front entrance of the library must be vacated no later than 10 p.m.  In the event a group stays later and sets off the building security system, the group may be prohibited from future use of the meeting rooms.

9. The group will be responsible for all damage to any  property of the Waupun Public Library resulting directly or indirectly from the  conduct of any member, officer, employee or agent of the organization or any of  its invitees.